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National Attorney Placement


        Consultants at Redgrove Legal Search have been working within the legal community successfully assisting attorneys to find their ideal position and facilitating these moves efficiently and ethically for over thirty years.  Whether you are looking to make a lateral move or are seeking an in-house position, we can help you find the perfect fit.  You will benefit from the strong relationships we have forged with our clients over the years.  Our recruiters take pride in assisting our candidates by truly listening to their particular goals, circumstances and conditions.  We have never tried to “fit a round peg in a square hole.”  If you would like Redgrove Legal Search to assist you in furthering your career goals, we invite you to call us at (310) 237-5387, or, if you prefer, you may submit your resume and we will contact you to discuss your plans.

        All submissions are kept in strict confidence and Redgrove Legal search will never distribute your resume to any person or entity without your knowledge and explicit instruction.

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“After all, there’s no substitute for experience.”

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Peter Redgrove is a founding member of NALSC as a Principal of Kass/Abell and Associates.


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